Saturday, July 17, 2021

Day 492

David joined in on the morning reading routine. Fina had no sooner finished flushing the youngest's feeding tube than he threw up. Not from the feeding but from a cold messing up his sinuses and on down the throat. But the arm casts were saved! Today we prepped for a new garage floor coating coming on Monday. We had to get everything off the floor, which included a delivery of some furniture to a friend, a delivery to Goodwill, and the rest will sit in the U-Haul till the floor is ready to put it back. Matt and Nana whipped up a salmon and salad dinner. To finish the day, Matt and Jamie finished listening to Project Hail Mary. Best sci-fi book ever! And you will definitely learn some actual real science.

Love rain! And we got two bursts of it today.

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