Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Day 495

Big day! A trip to Buttermilk for breakfast for Nana and Papa and the four boys. We took Jonny and AJ home (Jonny wasn't excited about a long car trip and AJ was still quite under the weather). Then it was off to the Georgetown Loop Railroad to meet up with the Visalia (CA) cousins for a train ride. What a hoot! Lynn had been trying to tell me that we were there (family reunion) with my parents, sister, her kids, and our own very young children way back when, but absolutely nothing was coming to mind. Even when we got there nothing seemed in the least familiar. Until we got to Silver Plume, the other end of the rail line. And there was the yard where we walked along the rails! Looked exactly like a scene in my mind that I could not place. We were here almost exactly 30 years ago! After the train ride, we went to downtown, historic Georgetown to stroll around a little, had some ice cream (eat dessert first!), and had lunch at Cooper's on the Creek. We got home just in time to see the new garage floor completed (still two days of curing to go, though). The providers let the kids participate by throwing the "sprinkles" onto the floor. All the day's photos are here.

On the back, my Mom had written the names, place, and date.

Back at the Compound, helping with the new garage floor.

Lynn and Jamie and their very young kids walked
these rails almost exactly 30 years ago!

Historic Georgetown. You can always tell a real
Colorado town... The streets end with a mountain.

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first

The cousins

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