Thursday, July 22, 2021

Day 497

Another big day. This time we were off to meet up with the California cousins at the Mines Museum at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. It's not a huge museum, but their collection is quite astounding. I could have taken pictures of every specimen there. Because Aunt Rachel works at the School of Mines, we were also able to visit a classroom, the Drilling Laboratory. Then, of course, ice cream, at Golden Sweets! And to top off the day, our return ship was heavy by two - a couple cousins were coming home with us for a spend over. All the day's photos are here.

Warming up for the day with Jamie's own collection.

The second day of landscape work out front.

Walter's Pizza for lunch before heading out to Golden.

A great little nod to the railroads' contribution

The Pala tourmalines were our favorites
when we had the jewelry store.

Benitoite is the California State Gemstone.

Maybe Jamie's favorite specimen today.
Simple, common minerals but beautiful arrangement.

AJ's favorite specimen today.

Aunt Rachel works at the School of Mines.

Everyone thought this looked exactly like cotton candy.

AJ falling asleep in the Drilling Lab.

Ice cream!

Heavy by two on the trip home.

The landscapers finished by the time we got home.
Even the run-over bush looks good!

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