Sunday, July 25, 2021

Day 500

It's been 500 days since the coronavirus lockdown started for us here in Colorado. That's pretty close to the day it started for everyone in the U.S. It's not 100% behind us yet, but I'm calling it quits, these daily postings, that is. We're feeling pretty much back to normal life-wise. Politically and societally, things are a nightmare, but we'll deal with that separately.

Nala went to a new home today, a calmer home, with just a middle-aged couple, their pure white Colorado Mountain Dog, and grandkids that visit now and then. And just a few minutes from us in Flying Horse. Their first few minutes together went very well. Kind of a tough day for AJ, but he helped make the choice and is now awaiting chinchillas. We have very high hopes for Nala's new life.

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