Monday, July 19, 2021

Day 494

At 0-dark-30 Jamie took Matt to the airport for a trip to Phoenix. Fortunately, Jamie got back to the house in time for a little birthday breakfast action - always a big hit! The project to resurface the garage floor began today. Fina got her herp homes going. AJ and Lucy (California friend) had a bake-off online today. It was pretty fun. Lucy won. By a long shot. But AJ (and Papa) had a good time, and it did taste pretty good. No worries, there were Bundtinis everywhere.

One of Fina's new herps from yesterday.

Still not up to snuff.

"Go outside and do whatevere you want!"

These two did a little better.

Insert herp A into terrarium B.
See instructions to assemble terrarium B.

When time was called.

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