Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Day 496

Today was a little calmer than days have been lately. Jamie got to process all the photos from yesterday's trip to the Georgetown Loop Railroad. The garage floor is just hanging out curing. And the landscapers got started on the areas on the outside of the driveway up by the garages. Matt got home from Phoenix more or less as planned, but with a stop at West Main Taproom thrown in for good measure, Matt was thirsty. We discovered a competing gin to Hendricks - Woody Creek in Basalt, CO (southeast of Glenwood Springs). Is that a name for a Colorado town or what?! Like Hendricks, also very floral and very polite, but lavender in color. They make potato vodka, too. The bartender was a hoot to chat with. It was a gully washer from just south of Franktown all the way home. Haven't seen rain that heavy and lengthy in quite a while.

Blast from the past.

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