Saturday, July 24, 2021

Day 499

Turned out to be quite the day for me (Jamie). I signed up for a Shakespeare Acting Workshop at Theatreworks and today was the day. Katy Walsh did a fantastic job of leading the group, a group of six with many being recognizable Theatreworks actors. I felt surrounded by the greats. My favorite thought from the day... Act at the speed of thought. Even though you've got your lines memorized, be delivering them as if they are just now coming to you based on previous lines/thoughts. Maybe another way of saying "be in the moment." It was amazing how many times the same short monologue could be done and each time be so different. Just from the delivery of the words, how you understood them. There was a blast from the past out of this as well, almost. Turns out Creston Cooper took the same workshop a couple days earlier; we missed each other by a hair. We knew Creston from SLORep in California; he and I were in Guys and Dolls together and he was in Into the Woods with Fina. We probably crossed paths with other shows, too, that I'm not remembering. It was so cool to be backstage working at the ENT Center.

That's the Duke in the flesh.

Lynn and Jamie ended the day with dinner at the Club.

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