Sunday, July 4, 2021

Day 479

The 4th of July in Nipomo started with Lynn's favorite - crullers from the Nipomo donut store by Starbucks. Breakfast included a cooking demonstration on making very thin omelettes. Morning chores included collecting eggs. Then off to Circus Vargas on the field at Madonna Inn. What a hoot! We were front and center! Seeing the various acts close up was amazing. Then home for the rest of the day, bonfire, sous vide tri-tip, some good wine, s'mores, and fireworks (including a good cigar). All the day's photos start here.

Meanwhile, back at the Compound, the rest of the fam camped out on the 18th hole for the Flying Horse Fireworks.

18th Hole at Flying Horse for the fireworks!

Lynn's fave!

Trevor's thin omelettes.

Chores include collecting eggs

Circus Vargas!

Front and center!

Now there's a lighter

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