Monday, July 5, 2021

Day 480

And on the 5th we rested. Well, not entirely. Lots of cards, mostly rummy, including "progressive rummy," a new style to Lynn and Jamie. What "last day" on the Central Coast would not include a trip to Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream!? And following that, we got a tour of Norgrove Railway, a new 600mm gauge tramway going in just south of Arroyo Grande, CA. Karl, thanks for the tour! Jocko's (take out) and strawberries for dinner and wrapping up the day with some more rummy, progressive, of course. Matt left Colorado Springs for the Central Coast (CA) today to see a friend who seemed to be having another stroke. Fortunately, it turned out to be "recrudescence," a return of symptoms without an actual cause. The day's photos start here.

Norgrove Railway: a steam roller powered by steam.

Hannah's work

Across the street from Jocko's

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